Sell online and join the marketplace that benefits all. is the online marketplace for selling management, maintenance and repair equipment.

Join us and become part of the repair community and support customers by imparting your specialist industry knowledge, giving them help and advice in maintaining and repairing.

Together we can build an effective, sustainable business that benefits everyone.

Transparent fee structure.

Lowest Fee's only charge a 10% fee on any item that you sell. There are no listing fees.


We only charge our fee on the sales price of the product, we don't take it from the tax or shipping, that wouldn't be fair!

Transaction Cost

A typical transaction cost is only 2%, which comes off the total value of the sale. Unfortunately this is the payment providers cut!

The tools to succeed.

Your own store

We give you the tools to create your very own store on You can decide on your store name and stores branding. Let customers see who you are.


You can directly talk to your customers on the forum or through our chat bot. Supporting customers is at the heart of what we do.


We will support you in the creation of your store and getting your products listed. We will be here to guide you all the way to ensure your store is a success.

Be the only one.

Your own store

We will only allow one seller of each product. No longer a race to the bottom on price, you get to be the only seller for the parts you list.
For this we ask that you actively help in supporting our community by providing guidance and advice for those looking to maintain or repair.

We are looking for sellers who can contribute to by being active in the forums and by providing guidance to customers and community members.

By supporting the community we can build a sustainable long lasting business that benefits all.

Any questions on how supports it’s sellers, buyers and community members then get in touch.

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