The 95039-01 DIN160A connector has a current rating of 160amps and is manufactured by REMA Group. 

The REMA  EURO DIN range of forklift battery connectors is compatible with other makes and can be used in conjunction with or in replacement of Shaltbau and Anderson Euro DIN connectors.

The gender of the connector is dictated by the contacts not the housing.

  • A male connector will have male pins and a female housing.
  • A female connector will have female pins and a male housing.


The REMA 95039-01 DIN160A connector includes:

  • Housing
  • Main Contacts
  • Cable Clamp


This REMA 95039-01 DIN160A connector excludes:

  • auxiliary or pilot contacts
  • air adaptor


Built to meet the following standards, certification and directives:

  • UL 1977 certified component
  • Meets or exceeds the following industry standards: DIN 43589, EN 1175-1, IEC 20989, UL1977
  • In compliance with machinery directive 2006/42 EG an therefore with CE Marking
  • Corresponds to the DIN VDE 0632-589

The REMA range of EURO DIN connectors are suitable for applications that use both lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technology, including:

  • Industrial electric vehicles
  • Battery charging installations

Download data sheet for REMA EURO DIN160 connectors



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