| Forklift Fork Wear Caliper Gauge

The forks on a forklift wear. This simple forklift fork wear caliper gauge allows you to simply and confidently check for the amount of wear.

If your forks are worn by 10% or more then the carrying capacity has been reduced by 20% and the forks are considered worn and no longer safe for use.

To use this caliper gauge to check for wear, simply

  1. Using the outer teeth measure the thickness of the back, the shank, of the fork. As the back of the fork does not wear this allows you to determine the original thickness of the forks.
  2. Then without adjusting the width of the gauge, slide it over the blade of the forks, approximately 5cm in front of the heel.
  3. The inner teeth on the fork wear gauge should catch on the edge of the fork, which indicates the fork thickness is OK. If the gauge slides freely over the edge of the fork then the fork is worn and must not be used.

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