HydroFill Pro Portable Battery Watering Cart

The HydroFill Pro portable forklift battery watering cart has a 60l capacity and is battery powered. Being battery powered makes it highly versatile allowing you to take the water to where you need it, without having to trail power cables about. Ergonomically designed for ease of use.

With the HydroFull Pro you can make battery quality water directly from a mains water supply with the inbuilt PS-600 deionizer water cartridge (optional).

It has a multilingual LCD display providing you with instant feedback on the current status of the cart, including:

  • Battery discharge indicator, so you know when to recharge the watering carts battery.
  • Water purity indicator, showing you the quality of the water in the tank.
  • Low water level in the cart
  • Number of times the battery has been charged
  • Total run time

The cart can be used with the GUN-X , battery watering gun (adapter CRT-E210 required), or directly with a float based battery filling system.

The HydroFill Pro portable watering cart is suitable for any application where flooded batteries are used, such as:

  • forklift truck
  • golf cart
  • standby power
  • solar power
  • ground support equipment#

Read our guide on adding water to a forklift truck battery.

Watering Cart Specification

  • Cart Part Number: CRT-30
  • Deionizer Cartridge Part Number: PS600
  • Charger Part Number: CRT-E202
  • Capacity: 60 l (15.8 Gallons)
  • Product Height: 100 cm (39.3 in)
  • Product Width: 35 cm (13.7 in)
  • Shipping Weight: 8kg (18 pounds)
  • Max Weight: 73kg (161 pounds)
  • Output Hose Length: 3m (9.8 ft)
  • Wheel size: 15 cm (5.9 in)
  • Wheel Type: Plastic/Rubber
  • Controls: Single button and 16 x 2 line OLED display
  • Range: Unlimited

Product Notes

The portable watering cart can be used as is with a standard battery filling system.

To use it directly with the battery watering gun, GUN-X, as well as the gun you will need to order 1 x CRT-E210.

To use with inbuilt deionizer you will need to order 1 x deionizer cartridge PS-600 and input tube/flow restrictor CRT-E209


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