SmartBlinky™ Tray Monitor

It is a common occurrence for forklift battery trays to become damaged due to battery electrolyte in the tray. Common causes are run off during battery cleaning, or overflow (boil over) due to over topping of the battery cells.

Once there the electrolyte is hard to detect and hard to remove, with the outcome being a corroded forklift battery tray. This is where the Philadelphia Scientific SmartBlinky Tray Monitor comes in!

The SmartBlinky forklift battery tray monitor alerts the operator if it detects electrolyte in the tray, allowing the removal of the liquid before it causes any damage. The Tray Monitor is a simple, yet highly cost effective way of preventing damage to forklift battery trays.

  • Super bright red and green LED
  • Very low power consumption
  • Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection.
  • Fits all lead acid flooded cells, probe can be cut to required length during installation.

Connection Type

Ths SmartBlinky Tray Monitor, ACC-STM3-Q, uses the innovative FlexiTap for connecting to the industrial battery. This connection method is quick, simple and safe. Eliminates the need to remove cell bolts during installation and doesn’t require any special tools.

SmartBlinky FlexiTap connection

Light Indication

The light indication of the SmartBlinky forklift battery tray monitor follows a simple logic, a “heart beat” white flash means shows everything is OK, a red and blue flash means there is electrolyte in the tray.

Tray Monitor Light Sequence


  • Part Number: ACC-STM-Q
  • Maximum Capacity: 6.0v to 12.0v
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
  • Flame Retardant: UL V-0
  • Fuses: 4 total
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Installation Instructions


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