Forklift battery manual topping bottle

If you have a small fleet of forklift trucks and occasionally need to top the batteries, then this forklift manual topping bottle is a great product for you.

Simply pressurise the bottle by pumping the handle and connect to the forklift battery filling system or P1 trigger gun.

The bottle holds 8 litres of water. It is simple to use and easy to carry around.

Always use deionized water to fill your forklift batteries.

Comes complete with connectors for the standard battery filling system (BFS) or the P1 Trigger Gun.

Comes complete with the flow indicator and filter as standard. The flow indicator allows you to see when the BFS system has finished topping the battery and the filter keeps unwanted contaminants out of your filling system.

Connector Types:

The forklift battery manual topping bottle comes complete with a connector suitable for either the

  • BFS filling system


  • P1 battery filling gun.

Please specify at the time of order which connector type you require.


Compatible with the P1 battery watering gun.

Not compatible with the GUN-X battery watering gun. 

Additional information


Connector for BFS system


Connector for the P1 battery topping gun


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Forklift Battery Manual Topping Bottle

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