Buy deionized water suitable for any application that requires low residue levels or low level of impurities.

25l plastic container.

Suitable applications include:

  • Water forklift batteries
  • water for car batteries
  • water for car radiators and cooling systems
  • water for steam irons
  • water for chemical manufacturing
  • water for window cleaning
  • water for car cleaning and car decals

Our pure water is comparable to distilled water and can be used in many applications where distilled water would be used.

When you want to buy deionized water it is important to ensure the quality is suitable for your needs. We only offer high quality deionized pure water, that is suitable for the applications listed above so you can buy with peace of mind!

If you frequently need high purity water in larger amounts then why not consider your own  the HydroPure deionized water system.

Deionized water is produced in a process where mains water is passed through a deionized water system that contains beds of ion exchange resin. As the water passes over the bed impurities in the water are attracted to the resin and removed from the water.

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Weight25 kg


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