The car battery monitor that sends direct to your smartphone, with FREE mobile app.

Prevent the inconvenience and cost of being stranded due to a break down caused by a dead or faulty battery. The Bluetooth car battery monitor and mobile app allows you to check the charge status and performance of your automotive battery, directly with your phone. Ensuring your driving fun isn’t compromised.

“Avoid the hassle and let your batteries tell you when they need charging!”

Bluetooth Car Battery Monitor

The automotive battery monitor is suitable for 6v, 12v and 24v auto batteries and has a transmitting range of around 5m. The range is line of sight, so any obstacles such as walls or doors will shorten the range. The battery status can be downloaded anytime your mobile phone is within distance of the auto battery monitor.

  • Suitable for 6v, 12v and 24v automotive batteries.
  • Low energy Bluetooth device with a very low power consumption. Does not drain the car battery.
  • Quick and simple installation on the auto battery
  • Reverse polarity protected. Incorrect connection to the battery poles will not damage the monitor
  • Maximise your car batteries life and performance.

The Bluetooth car battery monitor is easy to connect to the battery and requires no specialist tools or equipment.

Car Battery Monitor App

The app display shows clearly the state of charge of the battery with a colourful chart and the actual voltage reading, as well as a graphical representation.  Helping you to clearly identify when your battery needs charging.

“Using the monitor is easier than a multimeter!”

Vicky, Nottingham

  • Free app suitable for Android and IOS/Apple.
  • Receive notifications on your battery’s health direct to your smartphone, in a simple and user-friendly way.
  • The app allows for up to 10 vehicles to be monitored at once
  • Notification if the batteries state of charge falls to a critical level
  • Can be used as a car battery tester/diagnostic tool.
  • Helps to identify issues with your car starting (starter motor) and charging (alternator) system
  • Allows for simplified testing of your car battery, easier than using a multimeter as only requires 1 person
  • Don’t even need to lift the bonnet to get a voltage reading of your battery
  • Via the app you can Assigning a car name and a picture to the monitor. The voltage is then shown with the dedicated cars name.

Monitor App Functions

Monitor App Function
Function of the app

*please note, the actual monitor delivered may differ from the one show, but the functionality and benefits described will be exactly the same,

Car Battery Monitor App showing the voltage of a car battery
Car Battery Monitor App
car battery monitor app multi vehicle view
Multi Vehicle View
setting the vehicles name and image on the car battery monitor app
Setting Vehicle Name and Image

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    James Robins

    The car battery monitor was delivered 2 days after placing the order and took me 10 minutes to install the monitor and get the app working. All of it was very simple and easy. Would recommend to anyone who has an interest in monitoring their car battery voltage.

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