schaltbau contactors and connectors

Schaltbau connectors and contactors are manufactured by Schaltbau GmbH.

The Schaltbau GmbH group were first founded in Germany in 1939. Since then, Schaltbau have expanded into Europe, with two sites in Germany, one in the UK and France, as well as boasting sites in China and the US.

Schaltbau are known for producing the Euro Din style of electric forklift battery connectors, contactors, cab equipment and railway components.

Schaltbau plugs, connectors and contactors were first made by the company in 1939. Their contactors were first used in electric vehicles in 1952.

In 2004, Schaltbau celebrated 75 years in business, which also signalled the beginning of production in Asia.

Since then, Schaltbau have gained presence worldwide, with representative offices in Russia and joint ventures in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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| Schaltbau Reliability and Quality

Safety components from Schaltbau are in great demand due to their reliability and high quality. Schaltbau plug connectors are particularly effective for railway conditions as they transmit energy and signals with the utmost consistency, despite harsh traffic conditions and high voltage electricity.

Their wide range of battery connectors range from rail vehicle connectors to electric forklift battery connectors, ensuring a premium selection for those searching for trustworthy parts.

Schaltbau heavy-duty connectors are ideal for sectors where the health and safety requirements of technology are essential. Vehicles, food processing, battery charging, construction and mining are completely covered with Schaltbau.

With differing pole variations, circular, modular and charging connectors, there is an extensive range of specially designed connectors to cement Schaltbau’s standing as one of the world’s leading parts suppliers.

| Schaltbau Distributors

As well as their own company offices, they have developed a network of distributors. Schaltbau distributors provide expert advice and industry knowledge to help support you in choosing the right product and parts for your application. Schaltbau distributors provide geographical coverage where they don’t have their own company offices.

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