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REMA forklift battery connectors are made by REMA GMBH.

The REMA GMBH group originally dates to 1919 in Leipzig, Germany and were named after its founder Richard Müller.

Since 2016, REMA have had their headquarters close to Bonn in Germany, with another production facility located in Thuringia, Germany. Additionally, REMA also boast offices in the US and China.

The company have a work-force of approximately 250 employees and have been producing high power electrical connectors since their establishment.

One of the most renowned products is the Moulded REMA Connector (MRC). This patented type of forklift battery connector boasts high strength and durability. It comes as 1 single homogenous design, with the connector and cable moulded as 1 piece.

moulded forklift battery connector manufactured by REMA GMBH
Moulded REMA Connector (MRC)

| REMA Innovation & Quality

REMA products are innovative and high quality, ensuring premium parts for consumers searching for effective electrical components for their industrial vehicles. Their connectors are extremely efficient due to their reliability and low-loss use of electrical energy.

Their extensive selection of battery connectors is suitable for all types of vehicle, including electric forklift battery connector, ground support vehicles and aerial lifts ensuring that REMA are one of the most prominent manufacturers of connector parts.

From REMA battery and charger plug connectors to adapters for connectors, REMA offer superior solutions for electric vehicles and tools.

Fuelled by intensive research and development, REMA connectors meet the tough requirements of batteries, chargers and tools to guarantee the seamless functioning of your vehicle. For maintenance and repair, REMA produce heavy-duty parts you can trust.

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