| Background

BFS GmBH (Battery Filling Systems) is family-owned business spanning over 30 years,  focussing on the development, production, and distribution of battery watering systems for lead-acid batteries. Operating in Germany and Malta, BFS GmBH hires 75 staff and has been a world market leader in battery watering system for many years, with a strong management structure at the helm.

Originating as Bulk Handling Oschmann in 1975, the development and construction of silos, drying systems, and conveying machinery for plastic granules allowed for innovative possibilities for engineers to develop products with high levels of accuracy. With its proximity to the battery industry, the team began working on producing effective battery watering systems, with BFS GmBH being officially founded in 1981.

| Product Innovations

One year into the firm’s establishment came the release of the automatic, float-controlled battery watering plug, BFS-plug I. This was shortly followed by the automatic battery watering plug, BFS-plug II, where the inbuilt automatic decompression system was new to the market and made from transparent polycarbonate. BFS-plug III was produced with a reduced outer dimension, being the first time plugs were made from black, impact resistant polypropylene. The company has gone to great heights through continuous innovation with the future standard for BFS GhBH being the filling plug IV, which provides significant benefits compared to plug III. Quicker filling, exact filling level, lower height, quicker assembly, are the main benefits of using the new BFS-plug IV, with additional 7 float housing protection against leakage of electrolytes at strong gassing, which provide an extensive protection against rising separators.

The company strives to contribute to the usage of batteries that is almost clinically clean, as well as characterised by availability around the clock. It is their absolute priority to prolong the lifespan of batteries, while using and storing energy in increasingly conscious and mindful ways.

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| Steps to Filling Batteries

When it comes to the filling of a battery, BFS have suggested steps to follow:


Selecting a plug type

There are a wide range of different types of plugs offered such as:

    1. Push-in plugs
    2. Bayonet plugs
    3. Threaded plugs
    4. Clip-in plugs
    5. Manual plugs
    6. Special plugs


Selecting a float

BFS offers a variety of floats which help to control electrolyte level in the battery cell. Choosing the right float is imperative to achieving the best levels in the cell The type of float depends on the type of plug, the cell vent diameter and the depth measurement (the distance between the upper edge of the cell vent and the upper edge of the separator).


Installing the plugs 

The different installation devices offered include:

    1. Female & male connectors (water)
    2. Female & male connectors (air)
    3. Filter EX for central degassing
    4. Filter cartridge
    5. Flow indicator
    6. Hydrometer with tube


Connecting the plugs

The 3 main connectors are:  

    1. Various elbow fittings
    2. T-piece fittings
    3. Cross fittings


Choosing your water source

The 3 main types of water sources used are:

    1. Gravity water supply
    2. Pumped water
    3. Tap water flowing through an ion exchanger


Watering the battery

The best time to water the battery is toward the end of the charging process, however you should not top up the battery with distilled water before charging it.

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