Anderson Connectors

Anderson connectors are manufactured by Anderson Power Products.

Anderson Power Products (APP) was started in Boston, MA, way back in 1877, by 2 brothers, Albert and Johan Anderson. They first produced products for the lighting and power industry, which was then still in its infancy.


In 1953 Anderson designed their first forklift battery connector, the SB® (storage battery) connector. The simple 2-piece design is still in use today for making electrical connections on all type’s of vehicles.


In 1964 their second major connector product, the Anderson Powerpole®, was designed for an electrical tram system in San Francisco. This versatile connector has been designed into many products from wheelchairs to racing cars and motor homes.


2003 signalled a major advancement for APP when they opened a large manufacturing plant in Schenzen, China. This significantly increased Anderson’s manufacturing capability and put them in a prime position for the developing Asian market.


Since 2001 Anderson connectors have been part of Ideal Industries INC, a very diverse family owned American company. Ideal Industries are involved in the production of simple products such as screw drivers, to advanced monitoring equipment for the construction industry.


Anderson connectors are well known in the industrial electrical vehicle market, so much so that today the term “Anderson style connector” is synonymous with forklift battery connectors.


Today APP are still leading the industry in the design and manufacture of electrical connectors and have over 60 active patents.


They are also the proud supplier to FIRST, an educational charity where participants compete to build an industrial sized robot. For the competition Anderson contribute a specially designed SB connector, in pink!

Types of Anderson Connectors

Anderson Powerpole connector
Anderson SB Connector
Anderson SBE & SBX Connector
Anderson Euro Connector



(storage battery)


(storage battery European)


(storage battery auxiliary)

Euro Battery Connectors

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