Whether you’re doing basic repairs and maintenance, modifications and upgrades to increase appeal and performance,

or adding high-tech monitoring equipment to help predict failure, Tontio’s selection of specialist sellers

and knowledgeable community members will ensure your success.

Our Mission

The mission of Tontio is simple, to contribute to a more sustainable world by helping people to better manage, maintain and repair their equipment.

As a society we waste too much. Each year we generate over 50 million tons of ewaste alone!

By better enabling people to look after the equipment they use everyday, we can prolong its usable life, reduce the amount spent on replacements, reduce waste and reduce our outputs from the Earth. A win-win!

Our Strategy

There is currently a disconnect, between the people with the knowledge, the people with the tools and parts, and the people who need these resources to better manage, maintain and repair.

Often people who want to repair, are not able to due to the time and money it takes to research and source what they require, and the lack of confidence to carry it out.

By providing all parties a single platform to share knowledge and that provides trust in supply, for both the buyer and seller, then we can empower a new economy, one of repair over waste.


Tontio is a trusted community site for the repair economy. We only allow companies to take part that are trusted within their sector and can positively contribute to the repair community by providing expertise as well as products.


Tontio is built on a community where the success of an individual can only contribute to the greater success of all. Through sharing knowledge and experiences we can all help others to do better and to undertake projects that would otherwise be beyond their capabilities.


We can all do something to positively contribute to a more sustainable future, where we input more to the Earth than we take out. By better maintaining and repairing the equipment we use everyday, we not only save our selves money, but we prevent waste and further consumption from the Earth. We only have one world to live on, lets do it wisely!


Jason Devonshire-Mander

Managing Director of Tontio
Jason is an experienced Director and business owner, operating in the stored energy and material handling sectors.

A highly energetic leader with the ability to motivate, mentor and lead talented professionals, recognise change, embrace it and execute.

An expert in using business acumen, generating creative solutions to improve performance and customer experience.

Mohit Aneja

Tontio Site Development

Mohit, and his team, at CSSjockey provide all the technical expertise, resources and magic fairy dust needed to make the excellent site it is today

Jeff Scott

Technical Writer

Jeff is a technical writer across several fields of expertise and has over 25 years of manufacturing management experience. When not writing, Jeff splits his time as a working stand-up comic and chasing after his lunatic dog named Moose

Ali Asghar

Creative Writer

Ali is a writing specialist that has promoted and marketed many well-renowned brands and businesses. In his non-writing time, he loves to travel to new places and has a deep love for the game of cricket.

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