Genuine Anderson Power Products connector, 6319G1, SB50 #10/12 (5.26/3.31 mm²) Grey 36 V

Based on the design pioneered by Anderson in 1953, APP®’s two pole SB® connectors set the standard for DC power distribution and battery connections. SB®50 connectors feature a one piece plastic housing using stainless steel springs to hold low resistance contacts in place. Wires sizes from #16 (1.3 mm²) to #6 (13.3 mm²) are held in the smallest of the SB® series housings.

  • Low Resistance Silver or Tin Plated Copper Contacts Allows UL rated currents up to 120 amps
  • UL Rated for Hot Plugging up to 50 Amps Great for battery or other applications where the ability to interrupt circuits is required
  • Wire, PCB, and Busbar Contacts Allows one connection system to meet multiple needs
Colour Voltage Size
Yellow12 Volts5.26 mm² / 13.30 mm²
Orange18 Volts(5.26/3.31 mm²) / 13.30 mm²
Red24 Volts(5.26/3.31 mm²) / 13.30 mm²
Grey36 Volts(5.26/3.31 mm²) / 13.30 mm²
Blue48 Volts5.26 mm² / 13.30 mm²
Black80 Volts(5.26/3.31 mm²) / 13.30 mm²


  • Spring loaded silver plated contoured contacts
  • Self wiping cleaning action which insures greater conductivity and longer life.
  • Rugged material that has proved itself in electrical electronic and industrial applications.
  • Mechanical keys moulded into the connectors assures only connectors of the same colour will mate.
  • Please see data sheet for other features.

Anderson SB50 6319G1 Connector Black – Data Sheet

sb50 data sheet


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